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<h1 style="text-transform:uppercase">Cobotic: The future of commercial building cleaning</h1>

Cobotic: The future of commercial building cleaning

Man and machine – an unbeatable duo when it comes to the future of the cleaning industry. Cobotic plays a central role in this. The term is a combination of "collaboration" and "robot". With cobotics, human workers work together with collaborative robots. The emphasis is on collaboration, as specialised staff are not replaced by robots, but are supported and relieved by them. Tedious and recurring tasks can be automated and thus optimised. This is where cobotics come in and free human specialists from the most unpopular of tasks.

Smart robot vacuum cleaners for professional floor cleaning

When developing our robot vacuum cleaners for professional use and the associated software, we accordingly followed a cobotic approach. The autonomous robot vacuum cleaner Nexaro NR 1500 and the software Nexaro HUB were designed and equipped for commercial floor cleaning with intelligent functions that change and simplify everyday building cleaning work.
This highly efficient robot vacuum cleaner is extremely powerful, navigates through rooms with the help of artificial intelligence and long-lasting batteries and can be used as part of a networked fleet. In particular, the use of several of our professional robot vacuum cleaners leads to significantly more flexibility and application options compared to larger floor cleaning machines. This is the kind of support a cleaning specialist can expect with regards to professional floor cleaning.
<h2 style="text-transform:uppercase;color:#fff;">Power in numbers: robot vacuum cleaners for multiple floors</h2>

Power in numbers: robot vacuum cleaners for multiple floors

Every building is different. There are different floors, rooms or intermediate doors. Our cobotic system solution is perfectly suitable for these circumstances. Due to the compact design and the comparatively low initial cost of autonomous robot vacuum cleaners, using a fleet for simultaneous use in several offices or larger commercial areas is certainly advantageous. Thanks to the built-in 2G / LTE-M cellular connection, robot vacuum cleaners are always connected to the Internet and can be controlled with our intuitive software solution. This versatility makes our autonomous vacuum robot cleaners perfect for use in commercial floor cleaning.

Targeted cleanliness: smart robot vacuum cleaners with intelligent navigation

When everyone leaves the office and the premises are empty, that's when it's time for the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner from Nexaro to shine. With our cobotic system solution, the autonomous robot vacuum cleaner completes specific cleaning tasks that can be easily defined remotely via the Nexaro HUB.
Robot vacuum cleaners can be programmed so that they can for the most part work independently – both in well-lit or dark spaces. The adverse effects of night work for cleaning staff can thus be significantly reduced. On its first run, the intelligent navigation records and maps the rooms to be cleaned with precision down to the last centimeter. Supported by artificial intelligence (AI), the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner reaches speeds of up to 300 m² per hour. The smart robot vacuum cleaner also adapts flexibly to changes during each cleaning cycle and can easily be used in several rooms. An intelligent security system with redundant sensors detects critical changes to the surface in real-time, thereby avoiding falls down stairs and damage to inventory or the building itself.

Recording working time, verification and optimisation: Nexaro HUB as headquarters

The Nexaro HUB is the intelligent control centre of our cobotic solution. This is where the collaboration between humans and robots is specifically monitored: the system can be used to perfectly organise, document and optimise the work of individual robot vacuum cleaners, even remotely. Thanks to custom-created customer structures you always have an overview of the current locations and areas of application of each individual device. Nothing escapes our intelligent software solution: every successfully cleaned square metre is recorded in the system. One reporting function can be used as proof of work for the customer and helps optimise cleaning efficiency by using saved data to determine the optimal solution from three possible cleaning modes: "Performance", "Balanced" and "Eco".

Developed by professionals.
For professionals.

Efficient cleaning staff cleans by hand and with a sense of personal discretion, namely where it seems most necessary. The Nexaro NR 1500, on the other hand, not only cleans, but above all keeps it clean: it always thoroughly cleans even supposedly clean areas and in this way achieves a high-quality clean. From corner to corner.
Developed in close collaboration with some of the largest cleaning companies, our professional robot vacuum cleaners set new standards. With AI-driven navigation and fleet capability, professional robot vacuum cleaners are revolutionising everyday work in the cleaning industry and satisfying all needs. Check out our smart devices for yourself and take part in our free webinars. Find out how Nexaro robot vacuum cleaners can revolutionise cleaning at your company. Together we can discover the future of cleaning technology!