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Leasing rates just for you.

In addition to a one-off payment, we also offer attractive leasing options courtesy of our partner akf bank robotikfinanz. Enjoy financial freedom by leasing a Nexaro NR 1500 or an entire fleet. We offer full flexibility and quick implementation.

We currently only offer leasing in Germany. If you are interested in leasing our products outside of Germany, please feel free to contact us as we are expanding our range of financing options in the foreseeable future.

We maximize your efficiency, you stay flexible.

Gain access to the latest technology without high initial investment, secure tax benefits and always stay up to date. Our leasing offer offers you financial freedom, optimal budget planning and first-class service courtesy of our renowned partner.

1. Flexible

With leasing, you do not have to pay the full purchase price for the Nexaro NR 1500 robot vacuum cleaner. This maintains your company's liquidity and allows financial resources to be used for other investments or unforeseen expenses.

2. Tax-deductible

Leasing installments can usually be written off as operating expenses. This is advantageous when filing taxes as the monthly leasing installments may be deductible, thus reducing financial burden.

3. Smart

Leasing allows you to stay on top of the latest technology. This is especially important with rapidly advancing technology such as robotics, as you can regularly upgrade to more efficient and powerful models without taking on the full risk of ownership.

4. Efficient

Owning equipment involves the risk of loss of value over time. When leasing, you do need to take on the risk of resale value or maintaining outdated equipment. Once the lease expires, the company can simply upgrade to a newer model.

5. On budget

Fixed-rate monthly leasing installments that can be calculated in the long run.

Our leasing process in five steps

Image description

Inquiry and analysis of needs
Customer inquires about leasing with Nexaro.

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Offer creation and initial approval
Nexaro creates a leasing offer with conditions on behalf of akf bank robotikfinanz.

Image description

Credit check and conclusion of contract
Customer credit check carried out by akf bank robotikfinanz and signing of the leasing contract.

Image description

Delivery and start of the contract
Nexaro delivers the product to the customer and customer confirms receipt.

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Contract term and end
The customer pays monthly leasing installments to akf bank robotikfinanz and returns the robot vacuum cleaner at the end of the contract.

Leasing term

24 months

Minimum amount

from 1 Nexaro NR 1500 robot vacuum cleaner

Item leased

Nexaro NR 1500 robot vacuum cleaner
Nexaro NR 1500 robot vacuum cleaner + software

Our leasing partner:
akf bank robotikfinanz

We work with the renowned akf bank robotikfinanz to offer our customers in Germany the best financing solutions for their needs.

akf bank robotikfinanz – expertise and reliability from the Vorwerk Group: akf bank is a leading bank that specializes in vehicle and machine leasing. With decades of experience in the financial industry and a deep understanding of our customers' needs, akf bank, and its affiliate akf bank robotikfinanz, offers tailor-made leasing solutions for robots of all kinds. Their expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction are reflected in their long-standing track record.

Together with akf bank robotikfinanz we set the highest standards in terms of professionalism, transparency and customer-focused service. Our leasing partner plays a crucial role in providing our customers with access to the best financing options, paving their way to successful and economically efficient business management.