Main brush (Nexaro NR 1500)

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Our tip: Cleaningthe brushes regularly, instead of having to replace them early. This issignificantly more economical and sustainable—and ensures optimal cleaning performance.

The fast-rotating main brush picks up dirt and istherefore decisive for the cleaning performance of the Nexaro NR 1500.

Thanks to its ideal design, with optimally arranged rubberfins and rows of bristles, it frees and removes even the dirt in heavily soiledareas—the everydaydirt and dust caused by customer, visitor, and employee traffic, both in carpetsand on smooth floors.

The main brush is easily accessible, allowing threads,fibers, and hair that it picks up to be removed very simply. Please bear inmind that the round brush of the Nexaro NR 1500 isneither dishwasher-safe nor waterproof.