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Maximize the efficiency of your cleaning staff with the Nexaro Trolley. Made of robust metal, the Nexaro Trolley offers a reliable solution for easy transportation of up to four Nexaro NR 1500 robot vacuum cleaners. Thanks to the integrated charging function with a four-way multiple socket and a long charging cable, the robot vacuum cleaners can be easily recharged after the work is done. The trolley has four robust transport wheels, two of which are equipped with parking brakes to ensure easy maneuverability and stability. In addition, the trolley offers a practical accessory tray where additional cleaning products and tools can be safely stored. Increase the productivity and efficiency of your cleaning team - with the Nexaro Trolley.

Set delivery contents

  • 1x Nexaro Trolley incl. long charging cable with type E/F mains plug
  • 4x Nexaro NR 1500 incl. sidebrush, main brush, and washable HEPA 13 filter
  • 4x Nexaro NR 1500 charging station incl. Type E/F mains plug

Nexaro HUB

A Nexaro HUB license is required to operate the Nexaro NR 1500 - either the free Pro.Single license or the fee-based Pro.Multi license. Further information can be found here.


The Nexaro NR 1500 can be used without a docking station, thanks to the Drop & Go function. This convenient feature makes it a highly fl exible cleaning assistant, especially useful for cleaning individual hotel rooms. While the robot handles fl oor cleaning, cleaning staff can focus on other tasks in the room. After cleaning, the robot automatically returns to the starting position.

The design of the Nexaro NR 1500 adheres to various ergonomic standards, such as the VDI guideline 2242. With a weight of only 6.5 kg and a foot-operated dust bin cover, it offers comfort and back-friendly work. The ergonomic recessed carry grip and convenient suction opening make handling easier. Its simple onebutton operation and easily accessible maintenance parts make it user-friendly.


  • The Drop & Go function needs to be activated once in the Nexaro HUB.
  • No internet connection or map of the premises is required for the function.
  • Simply place the robot vacuum cleaner in the desired starting position and start it.
  • A cleaning record can be displayed in the Nexaro HUB if needed.

Cleans quickly. Pays for itself even faster.

No matter how large your areas to be cleaned are: Using the optimum number of autonomous robot vacuum cleaners will save you a lot of money year after year.

1,07 €
Floor cleaning costs per hour
0,27 €
Floor cleaning costs per hotel room (20 m²)

The floor cleaning costs after investing in a Nexaro NR 1500 amounting to €2,690.90 including a Pro.Multi license for the Nexaro HUB and consumables with a lifespan of 3,000 hours, and an average cleaning speed of 80 m²/h are only €1.20 per hour. This means that for a hotel room size of 20 m² and an average cleaning time of 15 minutes per room, the operation costs only €0.30.

Nexaro NR 1500

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