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Anyone who isn’t satisfied with a market niche and wants to radically revolutionize the market shouldn’t try to go it alone. We have therefore taken a broad-based strategic and technological approach—with long-term partnerships to help us take the commercial cleaning sector by storm.

O₂ Telefónica

Original equipment manufacturer O2 Telefónica supplies the IoT connectivity our commercial customers need to flawlessly interconnect and monitor their autonomous robot vacuum cleaners. Our ten-year partnership involves a volume of more than 50,000 vacuum-cleaning robots. And it demonstrates one thing above all: that the future belongs to our cobotics approach.


The facility service provider with more than 40,000 employees in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria, and Switzerland believes in our cobotics approach just as much as we do. Nexaro benefits twofold from this long-term partnership: in addition to the decades of experience in professional commercial cleaning that Vebego brings, valuable robotics expertise is contributed by its subsidiary, Alpheios. And this lets us tailor our products even more precisely to our customers’ needs.

Neumann & Neumann

Neumann & Neumann is our congenial partner for the Nexaro HUB. Its specialists in the smart digitization of quality processes are the developers of the DIN-certified software e-QSS, which is widespread in the cleaning sector. In close collaboration with them, we’re working to ensure that, in the future, all cleaning data collected will be made available via an interface for quality management—in a fast, paperless, mobile, and absolutely forgery-proof manner.