Software for building cleaners

Software für Gebäudereiniger

For some time now, the advantages of digitalization in building cleaning have beenrecognized and taken into account. There is now a wide range of software for building cleaners available. This simplifies workflows while increasing efficiency. Some software providers offer comprehensive solutions that cover all aspects of building cleaning. Others provide specialized solutions that can be individually adapted to a company's needs and processes. We present three scenarios and explain how you can benefit from choosing the right programs and apps for building cleaning.

1. Software for time recording by cleaning specialists

The use of smart time recording in building cleaning has long since become standard. Companies that still rely on handwritten time sheets are missing out on the many benefits of digital time recording. These include:

  • Stopwatch functions for minute-accurate tracking
  • Access to real-time entries and the exact status of a property
  • GPS tracking for locating employees and work machines
  • Mobile data entry on a mobile phone or tablet (kein no loss or late submission of forms and illegible or inaccurate entries are avoided)
  • No need to type up time sheets, ensuring greater efficiency and environmental protection

All recorded times are stored centrally in one place in the app, which provides a precise overview of employees' working time accounts. With the help of an additional checklist for cleaning in the office or other activities, all tasks can be completed systematically. The software can also take collective agreement specifications into account so that breaks, travel times, vacation, and sick days, and other important details, are recorded precisely.

In other words, paperwork is long outdated. Instead, experience more transparency with an intelligent time tracking solution for building cleaning!

2. Software for building cleaning quote calculation

The ongoing cost pressure in the cleaning industry highlights the need for precise financial planning. Special software solutions offer building cleaners support in calculating and preparing quotes. Depending on the type of cleaning – whether it's maintenance cleaning, glass cleaning or special cleaning—the programs provide different calculation suggestions. Potential material and machine costs can also be included, so that, for example, the use of Cobots is taken into account right from the start.

Once all relevant data has been entered, the software automatically generates a complete quote for the customer, including the contract and service description. In addition, the quote calculation software for building cleaning provides an overview of all quotes sent and, if necessary, reminds users to contact a customer.

3. Software for managing customers and properties

By providing all relevant data, users receive a comprehensive overview. This primarily includes master data as well as tasks and information about customers and properties. This information is crucial for estimating and managing personnel and material costs.

Another plus: Recurring tasks, such as appointments for maintaining work machines, can be created automatically. This increases efficiency, because there is no longer any need for tedious searching and sorting of information.

In addition, such programs enable quotes to be created quickly. With quotation and order management software that also includes storage of relevant documents, you always retain full control over the administration process.

Tip: Make sure your customer and company data is stored in compliance with the GDPR to avoid data protection issues.

Conclusion: Software for building cleaners increases efficiency

There are numerous apps and programs to support building cleaning workflows. The software used can be extremely useful for time tracking, customer management, and cost calculations. Other possible areas of application also exist, such as quality control, operational planning, and analysis of cleaning processes.

Using these software solutions increases efficiency and saves both time and money—cleaning companies' two most valuable resources. This allows companies to fully concentrate on their core business.

Good to know: Some software solutions for building cleaning offer a free, fixed-term trial. It is worth trying them out and familiarizing yourself with the future of the cleaning industry.