B2B robot vacuum cleaner Nexaro NR 1500 receives German Innovation Awa

B2B-Saugroboter Nexaro NR 1500 mit German Innovation Award ausgezeichnet

Wuppertal, May 2023Companies in the commercial cleaning sector are burdened by a shortage of qualified workers, sizable margin and cost pressure, the stigma of seemingly unappealing job profiles, and numerous other problems. Autonomous and semiautonomous cleaning machines and the systematic digitization of work processes are consequently becoming more and more relevant in the commercial cleaning sector. The jury of the German Innovation Award is now giving the Nexaro NR 1500 autonomous robot vacuum cleaner a special mention in the category “Excellence in Business to Business—Machines & Engineering.”

“We are delighted with this German Innovation Award recognition, not least because it constitutes a fantastic confirmation of the path we have chosen and once again illustrates the potential of our cobotics system solution to sustainably change the cleaning sector,” says Dr. Henning Hayn, General Manager of the technology start-up Nexaro.

Presented by the German Design Council since 2018, the German Innovation Award recognizes products, technologies, and services that explore new avenues and stand out thanks to their added value for users and the environment. 650 products and projects from 22 countries were submitted this year, with the best of them receiving an award.

Developed in close collaboration with renowned companies from the cleaning sector, the Nexaro NR 1500 offers maximum user-friendliness and straightforward user operation coupled with strong cleaning performance and flexible application. The Nexaro NR 1500 performs floor dry cleaning, which is especially arduous and time-consuming, and is therefore a valuable support for cleaning staff as they can then focus on other tasks.

What’s more, a reduction in fringe work hours goes hand in hand with an improvement in the job profile of cleaning staff. The Nexaro NR 1500 is therefore playing its part in solving the sector’s pressing staffing problems and is enabling cleaning companies to take on more orders while maintaining the same staff costs.

With its compact dimensions of approximately 34 by 34 centimeters, the Nexaro NR 1500 is currently the most compact autonomous robot vacuum cleaner in the market with approval for commercial cleaning. It therefore guarantees cleaning which is especially close to the edges, can be integrated into the work environment without any interruptions, and offers maximum flexibility, whether used individually or in a fleet. And this pays off for the cleaning companies, too—model calculations indicate a cost reduction of around 35% compared with traditional structures, while efficiency and quality are increased.

The industry feedback has been positive: according to a recent representative study conducted by Mentefactum involving 200 decision-makers in the commercial cleaning sector, 87% believe real collaboration of man and machine in the context of a cobotics approach is promising and effective.

About the German Innovation Award

The German Innovation Award has been presented by the German Design Council since 2018 and recognizes products, technologies, and services that explore new and innovative avenues and offer solutions that stand out due to their added value for users and the environment. There were 650 entries from 22 countries in 2023, and these were assessed by a jury of independent, interdisciplinary experts representing technology, digitization, science, and institutions.

About Nexaro

Nexaro is a start-up from Wuppertal and is part of the Vorwerk Group, which has been a guarantor of the highest quality since 1883—and today is a globally active group with revenue amounting to €3.2 billion and 9,394 employees in more than 60 countries (as per Annual Report 2022). As an independent company within the Vorwerk Group, Nexaro benefits on the one hand from the mutual transfer of knowledge and technology and on the other hand has the necessary freedom to develop its business model and become a driving force in the cleaning industry with the innovative Nexaro cobotics approach. Intensive research and development work as well as cooperation with leading companies in the industry have made the development of the Nexaro NR 1500 autonomous robot vacuum cleaner and the Nexaro HUB software solution possible. In addition to the focus on the highest quality, another focus at Nexaro is on the topics of data security and sustainability.

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