B2B robotic vacuum cleaner Nexaro NR 1500 receives German Design Award

German Design Award Gold 2023

Gold for “Excellent Product Design”

The commercial cleaning market is undergoing profound changes. Rising wages, labor shortage, and the stigma of supposedly unattractive jobs are a burden on the industry and make new concepts necessary. The Wuppertal-based German technology startup Nexaro has set out to revolutionize the commercial cleaning industry with the Nexaro NR 1500 as the core component of the Nexaro cleaning system. Now the robotic vacuum cleaner has received the German Design Award in Gold in the “Excellent Product Design” category.

Wuppertal, December 2022 Autonomous and semi-autonomous cleaning devices as well as consistent digitization of working processes continue to gain importance in the commercial cleaning industry. Robotic systems offer the greatest potential. By complementing conventional cleaning services and thanks to their flexible use, they allow easy adaptation of operating times and cleaning priorities to individual customer needs. The autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner Nexaro NR 1500, as the core component of the cleaning system consisting of a robotic vacuum cleaner and the innovative Nexaro HUB control software, has all the prerequisites to become a game changer. The look and feel of the robotic vacuum cleaner have now been recognized by the jury of German Design Award.

The pioneering design not only makes the Nexaro NR 1500 a real eye-catcher, but it also has the right features that allow outstanding task performance. The characteristic D-shape of the Nexaro NR 1500 was specially developed to enable cleaning as close to the edges as possible and to provide excellent maneuverability, in order to relieve cleaning staff almost completely of the strenuous task of dry floor cleaning thus reducing their workload. Although designed and approved for professional cleaning services, the robotic vacuum cleaner from Nexaro with its compact dimensions of approx. 34 by 34 centimeters is significantly smaller than conventional autonomous or semi-autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners available on the market. It can therefore be comfortably integrated into the working environment and, thanks to its easy transportability, also offers the greatest possible flexibility – whether used individually or as a fleet.

German Design Award Gold 2023 Nexaro

These advantages have also convinced the international jury of the German Design Award, which has honored the Nexaro NR 1500 with the Gold award in the “Excellent Product Design – Industry” category. The German Design Award is one of the most prestigious awards in the design scene across all industries and has been presented by the German Design Council since 2012. Every year, around 4,500 products and projects from all over the world are submitted, but only the best are awarded. The Gold award is the highest honor of the German Design Award and is intended to recognize excellence, holistic, and innovative design achievements.

In the case of the Nexaro Cobotic system solution, this achievement goes far beyond the individual components of the approach because it represents a true collaboration between humans and state-of-the-art, autonomous robot technology, which not only enables an increase in efficiency and quality while reducing costs but also relieves the cleaning staff by eliminating the particularly strenuous dry floor cleaning and work during off-peak hours – especially at night. And it pays off: Model calculations show a cost reduction of around 35% compared with conventional concepts with traditional staff deployment. “The fact that Nexaro’s primary goal with its vacuum cleaning robot is not to replace human staff but to proactively support them is credible and is also made clear by the likable designation Cobot instead of Robot. In this positive sense, the autonomous Nexaro NR 1500 robotic vacuum cleaner has the potential to transform commercial cleaning into a new technological era,” the jury states.

“We are very happy about the German Design Award,” says Dr. Henning Hayn from Nexaro's management team. “From the very beginning of the development, our cobotics approach was holistic: On the one hand, we wanted to develop a solution for the two most pressing problems of the commercial cleaning industry, namely the labor shortage and the pressure on costs and margins. On the other hand, we wanted to develop a product that not only meets all technical requirements but also has an appealing design and fits harmoniously into everyday working life – whether in hotels, in shops, or in modern offices. Being awarded by the German Design Council is a great confirmation that we have succeeded in doing just that and that we are on the right track with the Nexaro Cobotic approach.”

About the German Design Award

The German Design Award is the most prestigious award conferred by the German Design Council and one of the most renowned international design awards. Since 2012, the German Design Council has been honoring groundbreaking designs with this coveted award. All submissions are judged by an international jury consisting of leading professionals from all disciplines of design. The jury’s decision is invaluable: Anyone whose product/project convinces this jury has demonstrated a high level of competence in design innovation and a sharp focus on the demands of their customers and the market. An award – whether “Special Mention”, “Winner” or even “Gold” – makes the work globally visible and also opens up a valuable network with international reach for designers and companies.

About Nexaro

Nexaro is a startup company based in Wuppertal and part of the Vorwerk Corporate Group. The distributor of household appliances has been a reliable supplier of high-quality products since 1833 and is now a globally operating group with EUR 3.38 billion in revenue and nearly 12,000 employees in more than 60 countries (as of 2021 Annual Report). As an independent company within the Vorwerk Group, Nexaro benefits from the mutual transfer of knowledge and technology while at the same time has all the necessary freedom to develop its business model and to become a trendsetter within the commercial cleaning industry with the innovative Nexaro Cobotic approach. Intensive research and development as well as collaboration with leading companies in the industry have enabled the design of the Nexaro NR 1500 and the Nexaro HUB software solution. Besides a focus on the highest quality, Nexaro places particular emphasis on the topics of data protection and sustainability.


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